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VFB- 45 Viewfinder Sidemount Bracket
Price: $53.95
(fits Sony square mount type shoe)
i.e. - all DXF series viewfinders

VFB- 47 Viewfinder Sidemount Bracket
Price: $79.95 (available Fall 2012)
(fits Sony wedge mount type shoe)
i.e. - all BVF & HDVF series viewfinders



Cambrackets & "ZEE" Brackets
now come in 20 different colors!
These are by special order and minimum quantities
are 25 per order. Now you can match your company's
color theme and make sure you know who owns them!
Email us for special pricing.


See actual samples of color anodizing

Read about our FREE T-Shirt offer!!

Dealer Opportunities available 

"ZEE" Bracket (click on picture for details)
Price: $49.95
(fits all Cambracket models)

Lower your view of life





TSK-10  Thumbscrew Kit Price: $7.95

TSK-11  Thumbscrew Kit Price: $10.95

Tee Shirt L or XL

Price: $7.95











Don't know what to get that cameraguy who caught that shot you needed? Show your appreciation with a gift certificate to You can buy them in $20.00 increments. We'll issue them a special email that has a redemption code towards that amount.

Besides, they make a great last minute gift too.


Note: Be sure to use the "Gift Certificate" option when checking out so you don't get charged shipping. 



Only use this option if instructed by


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