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Please notice the (6) holes that
are highlighted have no other purpose than the storage of
your screws while in transport

VBF-45 or VBF-47
with screws safely stored

Notice how the 4mm screws
fit in the opposite end of the
bracket to fit on top of the
Sony camera plates in the
event you wish to mount it like
that in lieu of the thumbscrews


This picture shows you how
one on the thumbscrews is positioned to be inserted into
the bottom of the camera plate.
(You would never use the thumbscrew and the 4mm screws together)

This just shows the side viewpoint
of the previous picture

The other thumbscrew that
comes with your kit is used for
the tightening of the viewfinder.
Use this in conjunction with the lockdown wheel on the viewfinder



(Click here for larger view)
and thumbwheel directions

(Click here for larger view)
and mounting directions

(Click here for larger view)


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