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John in Winona, MN

Jason in Orlando, FL

Paul in Irving, TX

Dan in Seattle, WA

Chuck & Chris, Chicago

 David, Chicago

Anonymously sent

 Cambracket Creator

 Camera Side View 1

University of Idaho

Kenny D. Chicago

Partial list of company users....   

Filmtools    Univ. of Idaho    Raster Communications    SFX Video
Media Diagnostics    The Show Department
Coggeshall Productions    Video Works    Lodi Media    Digital Court Services
Sunset Video   CMI Communications  Waveform Media Works    Tweaker Media Services
Rentcom    Major Communications    Program Productions   Texas Tornado Hockey
Abracadabra Presentation Graphics, Inc.   Encore Video Productions   Willow Creek Community Church

Here's what some people say about Cambrackets...

John S. -
"We had to buy more, our camera people were fighting over the only one"

The Show Department
"We definitely need these !!"

JDW - Raster Communications
"Excellent product, very inexpensive"

Univ. of Idaho -
"These sidemount brackets are necksavers. How did we go so long without them?"

David A. - Director
"I wish all my shooters had one of these, it helps them during long shoots"

John W. - CMI Communications
"They are very cool, I gotta have these!!"



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